We do everything we can to publish beneficial and pioneering books in the realms of culture, psychology, health, spirituality, yoga, governance, ecology, sustainable living, and science. We welcome manuscripts, and ideas for them, in these areas and across a wide spectrum of belief. The important element is that each one of our books brings to light an important and timely perspective or pioneering information that assists humanity to move forward towards greater understanding. We appeal to works that are undaunted by, or even challenge, the status quo., and value most highly those manuscripts that are created in the spirit of benefitting others.

Pioneer Imprints publishes authors and their manuscripts which represent the frontiers of human inquiry and innovation. The books bearing our label have been selected for the innovative and timely advances they bring to their respective field.

   Pioneer Imprints is a home for scientists, contemplatives, cultural engineers, yogis, change agents and psychological seers committed to advancing dialogue, and dedicated to deepening inquiry and discovering true solutions to the questions which face us.

    It was founded by Alden Bevington on the island of Maui in early 2008.

    Every person working with Pioneer; editors, copywriters, typesetters, graphic designers and agents, is committed to positive cultural evolution, and to bringing these valuable works to light, and to making them sought and available throughout the world.    

What We Do

Who We Are


Alden Bevington


Alden began his dedicated research into the relationship between consciousness, physiology, culture, and human and technological evolution in the cafes and student lounges of Harvard and MIT at age 15. By 18 he had decided to forgo the status quo of higher education, and embarked upon a dynamic pilgrimage around the world for the next 12 years, seeking the best ideas the planet had to offer. He went on to get irradiated by some of the the brightest pioneers and masters in the fields of sustainability, liberation science, consciousness studies, economics, politics, religion, meditation, cultural evolution, ecology, agriculture, internet technology, virtual reality, psychology, business, neurolinguistics, exaptative neurophsysiology, health and design, among many others. He has served and been a founding collaborator in numerous organizations and projects around the planet dedicated to what he considers intelligent human progress, and has edited and designed numerous books and graduate-level theses in frontier sciences. Currently, in addition to his systems consulting, graphic design, branding, and entrepreneurial project development through culturegenerator.com, and his work on The Open Collaboration Encyclopedia, he is the founder and editor-in-chief of Pioneer Imprints.