If you have questions about a book we have published, would like to make a bulk order for your distributor, bookstore or organization, or have a book or manuscript you would like to present to us for consideration, please feel welcomed to contact us.

All enquiries can be sent to: editor@pioneerimprints.com

    We welcome enquiries into obtaining further publishing rights, both national and international, for our books. Pioneer Imprints is a transitional publishing entity which was created to serve this important niche of pioneering thinkers.

    At the moment that such any publishing enquiry begins, Pioneer becomes an agent, and works in support of the author’s best interests and the best interests of their work.

    Please send a cover letter mentioning the text of your interest, as well as a website address for your organization and all pertinent contact information.

    We will contact you after dialogue with the author.   

    We welcome submissions of manuscripts, unpublished or out-of-print, that you feel represent pioneering and timely viewpoints which advance human understanding towards positive ends.

    Please send a brief cover letter, a pdf or word attachment of your manuscript, and all pertinent contact information.

    We look forward to reading your work.

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