Life Dreams:

Field Notes on Psi, Synchronicity,

and Shamanism

By Douglass Price-Williams Ph.D

An astounding real-life tale, initiated by an informal dream-telepathy experiment suggested by Carlos Casteneda over lunch in Los Angeles in 1974, an eminent UCLA professor, recognized as a founder of the field of cross-cultural psychology, unwittingly steps into an 11-year labyrinth of wildly anomalous and synchronistic experiences. Playfully putting to the test his classical training and sensibilities, the ensuing events and dreams were recorded by himself and colleagues in thousands of pages of precise notes, finally brought into an astounding an unexpected coherence, and condensed into this improbable true-life narrative. As we are taken with him on the trail of the Nagual, don Juan, and Casteneda's enigmatic and sometimes prevaricate tendencies, a far deeper realization unfurls, one that shows itself to be much closer to home, and waiting silently at the boundaries of our common conception.

    Following up on the unfinished business of Jung, and trailblazing with authority clear paths into long-taboo territories, Professor Price-Williams candidly reminds us of the mystery that gives blood to science, the discipline required to bring deep patterns to light, and truly above all, of how much more we still have to learn.

Life Dreams:

Field Notes on Psi, Synchronicity, and Shamanism

Professor Price-Williams has been writing a series of fascinating commentaries explaining key concepts covered in his book. Covering topics such as Mutual Dreams, Mandalas, the “Double”, and Synchronicity, these small articles are beginning to amount to a Transpersonal Psychology 101. Read them here, and join the discussion. An amazing education by an amazing educator.