The Physics of Expanded Consciousness

By Alpha Lo

The marriage of science and spirituality.

    "Alpha Lo is both creative and brilliant. He understands the spirit of our time and brings a scientific and spiritual clarity to the urgency of the the task at hand. His inspired ideas deserve greater attention and no doubt will become more widely received as time goes by. He deserves recognition and he has my whole hearted support as a colleague in the common work."

-    James O'Dea, Former President,  Institute of Noetic Sciences.


"Alpha Lo's booklet, 'Physics of Expanded Consciousness' represents an original approach to the rapprochement of quantum physics and transpersonal studies. The concepts in this booklet are fresh, provocative, and contain seeds of testable hypotheses that could evoke paradigm-shaking research as the 21st century unfolds."                                 

- Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School.

The Physics of

Expanded Consciousness