The Open Collaboration Encyclopedia:

The essential guidebook to participatory culture.

Version 2.3                       

Compiled by:  Alpha Lo and Alden Bevington

650 Pages

The open-source source book on the state-of-the-art in collaborative technologies and methods, its psychological foundations, and its economic, political, and social extrapolations. This book is a game changer; an essential tool for executives, programmers, entrepreneurs, legislators, visionaries and socially responsible citizens alike, and people who fit into all these categories at once.

Life Dreams:

Field Notes on Psi, Synchronicity, & Shamanism

By Douglas Price-Williams Ph.D

454 Pages

In this astounding real-life tale, initiated by an informal dream-telepathy experiment suggested by Carlos Casteneda over lunch in Los Angeles in 1974, an eminent UCLA professor, recognized as a founder of the field of cross-cultural psychology, unwittingly steps into an 11-year labyrinth of wildly anomalous and synchronistic experiences... A wonderful and deeply insightful journey, narrated as a disciplined inquiry into reality by a true teacher.

Stewardship in

Your Family Enterprise:

Developing Responsible Family

Leadership Across Generations

By Dennis T. Jaffe Ph.D.

340 Pages

Arguably the most humane book in its field, written by one of its most respected teachers, this book brings a unique perspective and abundant practical tools to identify and manage the many converging influences and interests that occur in a family enterprise going through transition from one generation to the next...

The Unfolding Self

Varieties of Transformative Experience

By Ralph Metzner Ph.D

A classic and perennially relevant book, written by one of the world’s foremost authorities in the field, The Unfolding Self examines in detail, and through rich mythological imagery, the transformations which an individual undergoes in the process of their expansion of consciousness...

The Physics of Expanded Consciousness

By Alpha Lo

36 Pages

An underground classic, subject of obscure reading groups at noteworthy institutions, this mini treatise is pioneering in its address of one of the most important and overlooked elements of the scientific method: The ‘level’ of consciousness of the experimenter. This is one of the books that will be looked at in 40 years, and be a verification of the old adage, “new good ideas are often first ignored, then ridiculed, then accepted as obvious fact.”

Nuclear Evolution:

Discovery of The Rainbow Body

By Christopher Hills Ph.D

1010 Pages

Nuclear evolution takes us on a bright journey of exploration past the frontiers of common knowledge and into the hidden universe of your personal energy systems and the dynamic role of your consciousness as a co-creator of the universe. Presenting clear explanations of the rainbow body, auras, chakras, kundalini and the influences of color and light, this book approaches answers to questions that scientists, philosophers and laymen the world over  have asked over many ages. Out of print for over 30 years, the final printed stock of this pioneering book is again being brought to light. This is timely, and timeless, information.


The Science of Radiational Paraphysics

By Christopher Hills Ph.D

612 Pages

Often referred to as "The Diviner's Bible," Supersensonics is a major reference work on the nature of vibration and frequencies. This user-friendly book gives ample insights,  activities and do-it-yourself experiments, from practical pendulum usage to locating water and lost objects through divination, for you to awaken your own latent talents for supersensitivity, develop your intuition, and tune into a cosmic intelligence that governs all of nature. This is a book that has changed many lives.


The Ayurvedic Spice of Life

By Prashanti de Jager, Msc EMT

108 Pages

A primer on Ayurveda through the lens of one of its most revered plant allies and one of the most important medicinal herbs on the planet. Its an herb that most people don’t even realize is medicine: Turmeric. Written by one of the West’s most dynamic and respected Ayurvedic scientists, Prashanti De Jager, this book according to David Frawley, “should be part of the library of every herbalist or anyone interested in plants and spices.”

It’s All About Time:

How Companies Innovate and

Why Some Do It Better

By John Furey

This beautiful full color book reveals fundamental but startlingly accurate insights into the way we think, in a clear and simple way that you’ve never thought of.

But don’t underestimate simple. This book is guaranteed to clarify your understanding of yourself, the world, and your company or organization, and well... why its been working, or not. Celebrated by large institutions, corporations, and individuals alike, It’s All About Time is about to change the world, for the better. Mark our words.

Creative Stress:

A Path for Evolving Souls Living through

Personal and Planetary Upheaval

By James O’Dea

This book reveals with precision how we can and must transmute negative stress so that we can evolve individually and collectively. It offers the reader a steady climb to the higher reaches of human creativity and fulfillment, and is packed with compelling stories from O'Dea's exceptionally rich experience.

“This book delivers the medicine for our times."  -Marianne Williamson

206 Pages

110 Pages



Opening our books is opening your mind. In each one you will discover the unique testament of an innovator in their field, people who out of their own experience have developed novel perspectives which shed light onto the mysteries of life. These books are all offered in the true spirit of a pioneer, to explore the unknown, but not unknowable, and to return to us with the fruits of insight from beyond the horizon.


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